Our Approach to Selling


When it comes to choosing a listing agent, you want to know you’re getting the best. There are thousands of agents in Austin, but very few that are properly educated, experienced professionals, with proven success. We are confident that you won’t find a better agent anywhere and that’s why we tell you, upfront, exactly what’s going to happen when you hire us to sell your home.


1. Detailed Market Analysis

Possibly the most important task in the listing of any home is to determine the correct market value. We’re not talking about Zillow’s “zestimate” here! The asking price is extremely important and should be determined based on a real estate professional’s opinion of value. Overprice your home and you’ll miss out on real buyers that would have made an offer if it were priced correctly. Underprice it and you won’t sell it for as much as you could have. Austin’s market, in particular, is complex and requires an experienced agent that knows what factors will contribute to the market value of the home like; the time of year, comparative properties in the area, average number of days on market, cost vs value of updates/renovations, local sales trends, market forecasts, and much more. When you hire us to sell your home, we do advanced research on all of these things and provide you with a detailed market analysis of your home, so you can feel confident with the asking price we provide you.

2. Listing Agreement

Since we have already committed to you by providing you with a Detailed Market Analysis, we need to secure our representation by signing a listing agreement before we can proceed to the next steps. We use the Standard TREC-promulgated Listing Agreement and will go over the agreement with you to be sure you understand it completely before signing. Our commission rate for our listings is a standard 6% of the sales price. We are a full-service brokerage, unlike the few “discount” or “limited service” brokerages out there (i.e. Redfin) that provide you with nothing but access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Note: discount/limited service brokerages ultimately do not save you any money, because you most likely will not get top dollar for your home. You also greatly expose yourself during the transaction, because you will not have professional representation to help you with the negotiations, contracts, inspections, and closing process. 

3. Recommendations

After we complete the Detailed Market Analysis and Listing Agreement, there may be some things we recommend you do to your home in order to increase the market value before we list it. These may include repairs, updates, cleaning, or landscaping. Of course, whether or not you choose to complete any of our recommendations is completely up to you. We just want to give you the opportunity to increase your home’s market value if it makes sense to do so!


4. Professional Photography & Marketing Material

We will schedule and pay for professional real estate photography of your home! We believe the quality of the listing photos is essential to bringing as many qualified buyers to your home as possible and thus, maximizing your home’s selling price. We use the highest-quality real estate photographers in Austin and guide them to get the right shots to use for our listing. It’s important the photos are high-definition, accurate, in the correct order, and that they communicate the best features of the home to make it sell fast. We also pay for professional listing flyers for the sign box and inside the home and eflyers for our email and social media campaign.

5. Email & Social Media

Our professional network of Austin Realtors is vast and we utilize it by reaching out via email and social media to notify hundreds of Austin’s busiest agents about our upcoming listings. This will increase buyer interest before we even list your home, as qualified buyers use these Realtors to buy a home and will be notified by their Realtor if our listing meets their criteria.


6. Open House

Open houses are not as successful as they once were, with very few listings being sold to a buyer that attended the open house. However, we believe holding an open house may be helpful in increasing the initial traffic by letting the neighborhood know we’re there. If we feel it necessary and you agree, one of our agents will hold the open house for 2-4 hours during the first weekend after we list your home. At the open house, we provide visitors with our listing flyer and business card, present the home to them, and obtain helpful feedback from them if possible.

7. Active Selling

Too many agents will put a listing on the market and then just forget about it until someone makes an offer. That is not our strategy. We believe that we must stay active during the listing to ensure you’re getting the best price possible for your home. If we’re not getting the showings or traffic expected, we make adjustments to the listing to increase the interest quickly. It could be due to the price being too high, something about the home itself, the listing description, photography, etc… we stay on top of it to be sure your home is getting the most market exposure possible and that makes it sell fast, for top dollar.



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