The Selling Process


  1. Choose a Listing Agent

With so many agents in Austin, everyone seems to know a friend who’s a Realtor, but selling your home is serious business. Someone having a real estate license isn’t enough for you to be able to rely on them selling one of your largest investments. You need a Realtor with a successful transaction history, real positive reviews, and the knowledge only an experienced professional possesses. Austin is a super competitive market. In fact, Austin is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country! This makes it even more important to have a full-time, experienced Realtor in your corner. Our agents are experienced, hardworking, educated real estate professionals ready to take your listing to the next level!

2. Prepare Your Home to Sell

Your Realtor will recommend any repairs, updates, landscaping, or cleaning that would be worth taking care of prior to listing your home. These should only be items that will make it easier to sell your home for the highest price possible. We want to sell your home for the most money possible, as quickly as possible! You can help us by preparing your home according to our recommendations, so we can get it done!

3. Put Home on Market 

After preparing your home to sell, we will have professional photography taken for our listing. Then according to the timeline discussed, we will put your home on the market at the agreed upon asking price. We will begin showing your home to prospective buyers and their Realtors. If you still live in the home, its important to keep the home clean and clutter-free. First impressions are everything when it comes to showings and we want to make a GREAT first impression on any buyers that tour our listings!

4. Accept an Offer

When we receive a serious offer, we will review it with you and negotiate with the buyer on your behalf. Our job is to represent your best interest in the transaction, which includes getting you the best sales price and contract terms possible. There are many things to consider in the deal, like the buyer’s ability to close, repairs and/or concessions, closing timeframe, who’s paying which closing costs, financing, earnest money, title and escrow, and any contingencies just to name a few. This is why its so important to hire a professional brokerage like us.

Inspections & Appraisal

Most sales contracts will include an Inspection Period for the buyer to conduct their home inspections. The inspection report may reveal major repairs or issues that will affect the deal moving forward. Your Realtor is experienced with this and will negotiate more with the buyer’s agent, if necessary, depending on the results. The next obstacle before closing, is the appraisal…which is only required if the buyer is not paying cash for the home. If they’re using a lender, the appraisal report must meet the lender’s minimum guidelines for the buyer to receive loan approval. Again, your Realtor is experienced in this phase of the deal as well and will help guide you through it successfully.

6. Closing

Its closing time! This is the day you and the buyer will sign closing documents and transfer the title at the chosen title company. Most of the time, it is also the day you will receive funds from the sale and hand over possession of the home to the new owner. Once you’ve received the money and the buyer has received keys, the deal is closed and we’re done! You can be confident that no surprises will come up, because you had a professional covering your back throughout the whole process.



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